In keeping with the spirit of Witaskêwin, living together on the land, SIGA is committed to managing our impact on the environment and we are happy to offer Level 3 and Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers to our patrons. The installation of these Level 3 EV chargers was made possible with funding from the SaskPower Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program and Natural Resources Canada.

Level 2: $2/hour for the first 5 hours of continuous use. After 5 hours and 15 mins, rate becomes $5/hour.

Level 3: $17/hour for the first 2 hours of continuous use. After 2 hours and 15 mins, rate becomes $25/hour.

Charging rates also are dependant on the type of vehicle and what that specific vehicle will take as a maximum charging rate. Rate of charging can also fluctuate on vehicle battery conditioning state.

Level 2: Charge Point and Porsche Charger

Level 3: DC (Direct Current)

Level 2: Charge Point – These slower AC (alternating current) chargers that will charge at the rate of up to 7.2Kw (30 amps). Porsche Charger – These will change a vehicle up to 11.5 Kw (48 amps).

Level 3 – DC fast charger stations charge rate between 65.5 Kw and 125Kw per vehicle.

Level 2: Charge Point 1 station, 2 vehicles per station. Level 2 Porsche 1 station.

Level 3: 2 DC Fast charger stations, 1 vehicle per station.