Earn points redeemable for cash at any slot or video slot machine by using your Players Club card. Membership is free. For more information, click here or visit the Players Club desk. Try your luck on reel or video reel and video poker machines.  You can also take a spin on our million dollar Smoke Signals progressive or play green on the Rider Nation progressive! Many slot machines also feature a help button that can be accessed at any time. The help screens will assist you in understanding the game and its rules.

Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive games can either be an electronically connected bank of slot machines or a single machine. As the game is played, a portion of every bet is contributed to the jackpot, helping it build.

Video Slot and Poker Machines

Video slots use touch screen technology and are available in a variety of themes. Underneath the screen are all of the function buttons. Pressing the menu button will display a list of all the games available. Simply touch the screen to select the game you wish to play. Once you have selected a game, you can obtain a list of payouts by pushing the “See Pays” button.




Players Club Card Readers – Insert your PC card into the reader to receive credit for your entire slot play (the light will turn green). If you enjoy playing more than one machine at a time and wish to receive credit for all your play, stop in at Guest Services and obtain an additional PC card.
Bill Validator – Insert bills or tickets as indicated on the validator and the machine will issue the appropriate number of credits for the denomination inserted. Most slot machines take Canadian bills up to $100.00.
Cash/Credit Button – Use this button to cash out any credits on the machine.
Bet One Button – This button can be used when you have credits showing on the slow machine. Push it once to bet one credit, twice to bet two credits, and so on.
Bet Max – Use this button when you have credits showing and want to automatically bet the maximum bet on the slot machine.
Spin Button/Handle – Use either of these to initiate the game.
Change/Assistance Button – If you require change or assistance from a slot attendant, push this button. It will light the candle on the top of the slot machine, indicating to a slot attendant that assistance is required.

Pay Tables

There are three basic pay tables. Understanding pay tables is important to ensuring you receive the maximum awards and jackpots.
Pay Line – Many slots have only one pay line, the pay line is always indicated on the face of the reel window. Buy a line slot machines have multiple pay lines. The number of credits played determines the number of pay lines you are playing. Playing the maximum bet ensures you win on any winning combination spun on any pay line.
Multiplier – All combinations on the pay table are multiplied by the number of credits played. If a combination worth 100 credits comes up and you have played only a single credit, you would win 100 credits. If you played three credits you would win 100 x 3 or 300 credits. Multiplier can be up to five times your bet.
Buy a Pay – These machines have separate pay tables based on the amount of your bet. If you play one coin, the machine will payout only on combinations listed in the column titled 1st Coin. If you play two coins, the machine will pay out only on the combinations on the 1st and 2nd coin, and so on.


Our slot machines operate with Canadian currency. U.S. currency can be easily exchanged by our cage cashier.

Ticket In/ Ticket Out

SIGA Casinos slot machines operate on a Ticket in/Ticket out system. A ticket is issued for any un-played credits and can be redeemed at any SIGA Casinos Ticket Redemption Kiosk or Cashier.

Residual Ticket

If you place a slot ticket into a “Bill Validator” and immediately a ticket is presented to you at the “Collect Ticket” location on the game, you have just received a “Residual Ticket”. A “Residual Ticket” is printed when you move from one denomination to another and the current game is not capable of accepting the full amount on your game ticket. Example: You play a $0.25 game and cashed out a slot ticket totaling $32.50. If you insert the ticket into a $1.00 denomination game, the game will immediately print out a “Residual Ticket” for $0.50 and will apply $32.00 as credits for you to play. Remember: A ticket that is not accepted by the game for any reason will always be returned to you at the “Bill/Ticket Acceptor” where it was originally placed. A “Residual Ticket” will always print at the “Collect Ticket” location on the game.